All You Need To Know About Dallas Microblading

Dallas Microblading All You Need To Know About

There is a new make-up craze in town and has proved to be the most talked about trend since the history of make- up. To some, it’s an answer to all their eyebrow woes and problems. Whereas for others, it’s just another way of revamping their looks.

This latest discovery has created a shift in the beauty world. It has left beauty enthusiasts wondering what may be next for the world of beauty. No doubt, most enthusiasts have been left with a brighter perspective and an eagerness to exploit new opportunities. You probably know what I am alluding to. But if you don’t, I am referring to Microblading.

Microblading defined

So, what exactly is Microblading? Microblading can also be referred to as Eyebrow embroidery. It is a procedure that involves filling in eyebrows for a fuller and thicker look. Of course, this look is achieved through a tattooing procedure. However, the result is semi-permanent and is said to last to at least one to three years depending on a number of factors.

Of course, how long it lasts depends on certain factors. One such factor can be the type of facial products one uses, your skin type among others. Acid-based facial products are said to speed up the fading process, as well as exfoliating.

Microblading employs stroke like pigmentations, created to resemble individual brow like hairs. The esthetician uses a sharp hand tool with tiny needles to draw them. If done by a professional, and in the right way, it will result into real looking eyebrows. The pigmentation depends on the color you choose or select the customer.

Microblading in Dallas

Dallas, of course, has not been left behind in this new make- up craze. That said, Dallas microblading is said to surpass the professional and safety standards set for this beautiful look. If you reside in Dallas, there are a number of estheticians or microblading centers that you can visit.

Most centers in Dallas also employ certain microblading methods that may even last longer than three years.

Factors To Consider Before Microblading

Do Your Homework

In other words, do your research on various estheticians before you have the procedure done. Some centers have their own websites where you can get necessary information on their background, and work. The best estheticians are the ones that have a background in skin care, have high recommendations, and are also certified by the health department and the TDLR.

Additionally, having a good artistic talent is very imperative. The result, even though is semi-permanent, is a decision you will have to live with for a couple of months or years. Plus, the procedure will cost a considerable amount of money.

The research should also help you know whether your body and skin type are compatible with this procedure and if it will heal adequately.



Other than investing your money, your time will be consumed as well. The procedure often calls for two sessions, often spread out in a time span of two days. The first session involves consultation, where the esthetician asks you a series of questions. These questions are then used to determine your eyebrow preferences and shape.  Once this is done, the initial session begins, where the esthetician tattoos the general outline of your eyebrow shape.

The second session often takes place a few months later, is where the esthetician perfects your eyebrows. This session is done after some months so as to give your skin time to heal from the initial microblading session.

Health Condition

It is recommended that one should consult their doctor about whether or not to undergo such a procedure. There are certain health problems that restrict certain individuals from microblading. If you suffer from diabetes, then microblading is a procedure that you should steer away from.

The Benefits of Microblading


This takes away the hassle of having to wake up early every day just to fix our eyebrows. Filling in and drawing ON our eyebrows can be a tedious and difficult task. Also, achieving that perfect thick eyebrow look that everyone covets is near impossible.

However, with Microblading, you can have the Cara Delevigne look, that will make you the envy of your friends effortlessly.

Last for a Considerable Amount of Time

If a make- up enthusiast was asked to describe a perfect world, she would probably describe something close to permanent make- up. Make- up that can grant us the ability to look flawless for longer, and with little effort required.

Well, microblading inches closer to that type of perfection. Even though it is not permanent, we can have it for at least a year or longer. Of course, how long it lasts depends on how well you take care of it. The esthetician may give certain rules and conditions to follow to help the eyebrows last longer.

Resembles Real Eyebrows

If done by the right esthetician or at the proper Microblading center, you can achieve a natural look. If you carry out the necessary research, this should not be an issue. Microblading is a great alternative for those that may be going through chemotherapy, hair loss, or were born with little or no eyebrow hair.

Safety and Efficacy Standards in Dallas Microblading

The safety and efficacy standards of Dallas microblading are top notch. However, it depends if the microblading artist has a health permit to carry out this procedure. If they do, then you are in safe hands, and will not be disappointed in the results.

You can always check the website of the practicing esthetician you are interested in visiting to get there contact. Always feel free to ask necessary questions that may help to ease your doubts and worries. Additionally, calling prior can help you get prepping information, as well as book a session.

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