Micropigmentation Enhancements


You see it everywhere nowadays. Magazine covers, TV shows, movies setting and especially those beautiful and famous models we all adore.

Through micropigmentation, a tattoo device is used to apply permanent ink into the skin.

Permanent makeup dates back to the 20th century and it is a real treat to enhance and bring out your real beauty. Our professional method of applying permanent makeup will look like just-applied eyebrow pencil and eyeliner.

You can have eyes that always make you feel fantastic!


Microblading by hand is a skillful procedure to mimic the most natural looking hair strokes & enhancing for a more beautiful and fuller brow.

Shading by machine is another high skilled procedure done to mimic a powder fill of eye shadow or pencil into the brow.

The feather stroke procedure, done by machine, can be used to mimic extra hairs for a fuller brow & longer-lasting effect then microblading alone.


The biggest and most obvious benefit to taking advantage of permanent makeup is when you wake up in the morning.  Think of the time you'll save.

Imagine starting your day with "face on" and not looking back.  Enjoy all you normal lifestyle activities like taking a swim, exercise, relaxing shower and waking up ready to go.

Get those beautiful juicy lips that don't kiss away!